Battery Cum Manual Sprayer
Model no: MBCMS018

Atomized spraying of the disinfectant is known to be effective against the virus. This battery cum manual sprayer will enable you to decontaminate surfaces and clothes of people. 

Technical Specifications:
Battery: 12V 8Ah

Capacity: 16 L
Flow Rate: 3L/min 
Weight: Approx. 8kg
Operating Time in Full Charge: 7-9 hours
Charging Time: 4-6 hours

To watch how does the sprayer work: click here

Portable and light-weight

Designed with shoulder straps
Comfortable back support
Different type of nozzles provided


The need of the hour calls for decontamination and sanitization of our environment to curb the spreading of the Corona Virus. As we all know the virus can survive on surfaces for several days. Hence it is extremely important to disinfect our surroundings such as offices, washrooms, parking lots, etc. that could potentially be contaminated. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Battery Cum Manual Sprayer 

What antimicrobial agent should I spray?
Please refer to the NCDC guidelines for the disinfectant solution. 

Will you be providing the solution?
We are not providing the solution. But we shall provide you with the list of approved solutions and the suppliers for the same.

When will I receive my order?
Once the order is placed, it would take about 7-9 days for the channel to reach you, depending on your location. In case of any delay you will be notified. 

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Disclaimer: The specifications, brand, pricing, and stock availability is subject to change without notice. 

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