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The global crisis of COVID-19 has led us to innovate the perfect versatile solutions. It can be of public value in helping the containment and spread of the virus. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Click the below links to know more about the products.

Portable Disinfectant Channel
A Portable Disinfectant Channel integrated with a system to spray atomised liquid. It can effectively sanitize and disinfect all body surfaces even those not directly exposed to the nozzle. It can be installed at entrances of public accessible areas such as hospitals, pharmacies, departmental stores, airports, society gates etc. to disinfect people.

Battery Cum Manual Sprayer
As we all know the virus can survive on surfaces for several days. Hence it is extremely important to disinfect our surroundings. Such as offices, washrooms, parking lots, etc. that could potentially be contaminated.

Four-Stroke Petrol Engine Sprayer
Atomized spraying of the disinfectant is known to be effective against the virus. This will enable you to decontaminate surfaces and clothes of people.

Sanitised Test Booth
Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have been on the front-line testing people suspected to be carriers of the Virus. It’s time we take care of them, protect them by providing them with a testing booth safeguarding them and their families.

Hand Sprayer
It is crucial to disinfect the entrance to your house or work space and any other space that may be accessible by people such as delivery men, guards, vegetable vendors etc.

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is most important in preventing transmission of the Corona Virus not only in treatment centers but also various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management and community care related to the outbreak.

IR Thermometer
Infrared (IR) thermometers enables you to measure temperature quickly, at a distance, and without touching the person/object you’re measuring.

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