Portadeck for Kerala Flood

Mtandt Provides Life Saving Mats for Kerala Flooding!

More than 2000 people being evacuated to a safe place by using portadeck mat.

Mtandt’s Innovative Solutions For Saving Lives of People Trapped During Floods!

Mtandt have introduced a revolutionary concept of temporary terrain or road.

PORTADECK offers ground protection mats which are so vital during floods and similar disasters. These mats are made of special light weight material are engineered for performance and strength. The interlocking mats distribute weight across a large surface area, while remaining stable and strong through all weather conditions.

These mats are available for movement of both men and vehicles.  The tread pattern improves safety and traction for load-bearing vehicles, while the interlocking system reduces the chance for drift and slippage. The mats can be dismantled after the floods recede and can be stored for any future unexpected similar occurrences.


Roads or pathways washed away during floods can be replaced with Portadeck temporary roads with minimal loss of time, helping in faster evacuation and rescue of stranded people. Rescue equipment and vehicles can also be mobilized faster with these special load bearing mats.

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