Mtandt to represent Fassi of Italy, the world leader in the lifting sector to sell hydraulic truck loader cranes in India

Mtandt, the trusted leader in providing world class equipment for safely working at height and India’s largest manufacturing and rental company for mobile access platforms, aerial work platforms and material handling equipment has entered into a strategic tie up with Fassi of Italy to sell their safe and high performance cranes in India.

The technological development in the crane industry, which has led to products with considerable outreach and lifting capacity, has allowed the crane to reach a wide versatility and flexibility. Hydraulic cranes are being used in an ever wider and more articulated scenario, covering lifting and load handling needs that can be very delicate and complex. Needs and responsibilities are increasing, along with standards, which are being modified with the aim of guaranteeing even greater safety.

Fassi cranes with fewer welded joints, rack and pinion system, blended ultra-high strength steel makes it structurally strong and at the same time reduces the weight of the crane.  Besides the balanced elasticity under load provides ideal resistance to fatigue cycles increasing the life of the crane. The low friction anti-seizure techno-polymer rotation top bush provides for an extra strong rotation power. There is no real power without suitable control: based on this concept, the Fassi engineering design team has worked out a coordinate series of technological solutions which develop the active and passive safety of the crane in all working conditions, however complicated and demanding they may be. This results into peace of mind for the operator, but also for the machine itself, which is less stressed even though it provides bigger and better operating performance. ‘Techno chips’ in Fassi Cranes leads to better crane control, enhanced performance, maintenance and strength increasing the crane efficiency.

Reducing labor cost, higher working safety for the operator and higher working precision, Fassi Cranes can be used for a wide range of applications like roads and construction sites, equipment handling, transport and installation of equipment and precast, building material delivery, railways, emergency services and vehicle recovery, forestry, marine, fixed stations and military fields.

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