Portable Disinfectant Channel FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Portable Disinfectant Channel

1.Can it be used for industrial purpose and for large-people gathering?
Yes, the channel can be used to disinfectant 100 people per hour. 

2. How many people can walk through at a time?
One person at a time.

3. How many people can pass through in one 100L tank?
300 people.

4. What is the contact time required?
It is recommended to stay in the channel for 5-10 seconds for decontamination.

5. Is there any provision switching it on and off?
Yes, we have provided a Foot Switch that automatically stops the sprayer when not in use.

6. What is the fixing type of tank?
It is a 100L plastic rectangular/circular tank.

7. Where will the tank be installed?
It is kept on the ground.

8. The material of Construction(MOC) of pipe used in the channel?

9. The material of Construction(MOC) of the sheet used in the channel?

10. How will the nozzle spray?
It will spray from two opposite sides – from head to toe.

11. Is it measurable that man is disinfected?

12. Is any certification available regarding the usage of the channel?
As of now, there is no standard available for certification.

13. Is any certification available regarding the usage of the Solution?
We are not providing the solution. But we shall provide you with the list of approved solutions and the suppliers for the same.

14. In battery-operated equipment, is it possible to connect it directly to the AC supply?
The charger can be connected to AC supply which can continuously run the sprayer.

15. What are the battery and charger make?
Reputable battery brand with charger.

16. Does it come with a battery warranty?
Three months warranty on all electrical parts. 

17. Does the equipment come with warranty?
One year structural warranty.

18. Are there any site-visit charges applicable?
Yes, it will cost an additional Rs.10,000.

19. Do you provide any demo of the same?

20. Availability of spares?

21. Do you provide a warranty on the complete channel system?
No. However, if there is any quality issue, our Quality and Assurance team will look into it and provide with an appropriate solution. 

22. What is the wheel load capacity on each wheel?
500kg is the weight-bearing capacity. 

23. What is the HSN code?
HSN Code: 84244900.

24. Is spray required in and out both way or single way?
Only one way.

25. Safety Data Sheet for the composite solution/individual chemical?
Shall be provided by the chemical supplier

26. Disposal of effluent?
The effluent is not harmful and can be disposed of in any sewage. It will only disinfectant the areas it will come in contact with.

27. Can we install ourselves or Mtandt help is required?
The channel can be installed by the customers, using the assembly video provided by Mtandt.

28. How long we can store the disinfectant?
It can be stored for more than one year provided it is protected from air and sunlight.

29. Do the person entering the channel have to wear goggles and mask to protect the
disinfectant entering eyes, nose or mouth?

30. When will I receive my order?
Once the order is placed, it would take about 7-9 days for the channel to reach you, depending on your location. In case of any delay you will be notified. 

We hope the above FAQ helped in answering your questions.

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