PPE-Goggles by Mtandt

PPE-Goggles by Mtandt

Basic Goggles
Model no: MGB007
Packing: 10 nos.
Coated Goggles
Model no: MGC008
Packing: 10 nos.
Over-specs Goggles
Model no: MGO009
Packing: 10 nos.
Splash Goggles
Model no: MGS010
Packing: 10 nos.
Splash Coated Goggles
Model no: MGCS011
Packing: 10 nos.

PPE-Goggles by Mtandt. Contamination of mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth is likely in a scenario of droplets generated by cough, sneeze of an infected person or during aerosol generating procedures carried out in a clinical setting. Hence provides protection of the mucous membranes of the eyes/nose/mouth.


  • With transparent glasses, zero power, well fitting, covered from all sides with elastic band/or adjustable holder.
  • Good seal with the skin of the face
  • Flexible frame to easily fit all face contours without too much pressure
  • Covers the eyes and the surrounding areas and accommodates for prescription glasses
  • Fog and scratch resistant
  • Adjustable band to secure firmly so as not to become loose during clinical activity
  • Indirect venting to reduce fogging
  • May be re-usable (provided appropriate arrangements for decontamination are in place) or disposable

EU standard directive 86/686/EEC, EN 166/2002
ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010

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