Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platform (AWP) is cost-effective and easy to use. It is lightweight and compact in size and can be used in schools, churches, warehouses etc. The aerial work platform also known as an elevated work platform or aerial device is mechanical equipment that has used to provide temporary access to equipment or people to inaccessible places that are generally at a height.

These mechanical devices are usually used to provide the crane operator with the flexibility to access the places that cannot be reached otherwise by the human. It is mainly used for construction work, maintenance or cleaning of building walls/glasses. The firefighters also use the mobile elevating work platform to extinguish the fire in case of an emergency.

Mtandt aerial device has only a limited weight capacity, which is usually not less than a ton. There are few elevating work platforms that had a higher safe work load (SWL) capacity. The aerial work platforms give solutions for interior work on large construction sites, like high rises and light-duty construction purposes.
The work platform made of a tough, durable metallic base and covered with a cage or rails for protecting the person standing on the platform. The platform is connected to a mechanical arm that lifts the platform to the top. The person standing on the platform can regulate the descent or ascent of the platform using a control deck located there.

Types of the Aerial Work Platform
Depending on the specific task there are different types of elevated platforms and each type of platform has its unique fuel resource and working mechanism. The most commonly used model is the EWP (elevated work platform). This type of platform is operated hydraulically, and it is very similar to a crane that has different joints that enables it to be used for up and over applications.
The scissor lift is the other popularly used aerial platform. It can swiftly move up and down mainly because of its unfolding system, which is made of crisscross construction that elongates and compresses itself as and when required. A scissor lift can be hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanized.

Preventive Measures of Aerial Work Platform:

1. Plan your work according to the task requirements and make sure that the operator is aware of the surroundings, the possible hazards and ways to avoid them.
2. Choose the right type of aerial platform. The size and the method of access to the platform provide should match the type of task you wish to carry out.
3. Strictly adhere to the basic safety ways such as checking the work area before lift the work platform, lifting the platform up slowly and carefully, avoid leaning over handrails and always keep your attention focused on the work and the direction in which the platform is moving.
4. Avoid squeezing past an obstacle at the height
5. Make sure you have rescue experts in the standby to help you to get to safety in case of an unforeseen accident or if you get trapped while performing your task.

    • Vertical Lift – Push Around

      Single Mast : 6m – 14m

      Twin Mast : 8m – 16m

      Multi Mast : 12m – 24m

      • Requirement of SWL (Safe Working Load): Single or Double Mast
      • Vertical lift is a platform which has only vertical reach and no horizontal reach.
      • It is used for light duty work in factories, shopping malls, Hotel Lobbies, Airport.
      • Usage is continuous (like cleaning work) / frequent movement / limited.
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    • Mast Boom Lift – Wheeled

      • Mast Boom Lift – 11m.
      • Combination of Vertical  Mast  Lift and  Boom  Lift can  work beyond  obstacles.
      • Wheel  mounted or crawler mounted.
      • Power: Electric.
      • For Vertical and Horizontal Access.
      • Qualities of Vertical Lift and Boom Lift.
      • Perfect for working beyond  obstacle.
      • 6m – 12m
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    • Mast Boom Lift – Crawler

      • Mast Boom Lift – 11m.
      • Combination of Vertical  Mast  Lift and  Boom  Lift can  work beyond  obstacles.
      • Wheel  mounted or crawler mounted.
      • Power: Electric.
      • For Vertical and Horizontal Access.
      • Qualities of Vertical Lift and Boom Lift.
      • Perfect for working beyond  obstacle.
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    • Order Picker

      An order picker is the ideal solution for those who want to make use of space, replacing ladder and increase profits. Most shops, supermarkets and department stores, warehouses have their goods stored on shelves. Order Pickers easy to use, compact design, saves time and enhances productivity.

      • Maneuver perfectly  in narrow aisles.
      • Compact  design.
      • Battery  operated.
      • Saves time.
      • Enhances productivity.
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    • Hydraulic scissor lift

      Mainly for indoor work – can also work outdoor with limited capacity.
      • Mainly DC battery driven.
      • Solid tyre.
      • Suitable for 1-2 person.
      • Machine is drivable from full height (with limited speed).
      • 2 Wheel Drive.
      • Hydraulic Drive / Electric Drive.
      • Range 6m – 16m.

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    • Push Around Scissor Lift

      • Manual effort required to move the machine from one place to another.
      • Vertical movement is through hydraulics driven by AC / DC or AC+DC.
      • Ranges 5m – 18m.
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    • Articulated Boom Lift – Electric

      • Machine is often seen in Project Work, plant maintenance work, switch yards.
      • Machine can be propelled with limited speed in raised condition.
      • Used indoor & outdoor if travel is not much.
      • Always with articulated boom.
      • Usually fitted with non marking tyres.
      • Ranges: 12m to 20m.
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    • Telescopic Boom Lift

      To work around different angles and crowded job sites, Telescopic Boom Lift is the right piece of equipment that gets you straight to the source. Diesel engine powered telescopic boom lifts are ideal for work that requires maximum horizontal and vertical outreach. Our telescopic boom lifts take you right where you need to work while providing you with the height and capacity you need. Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform — perfect for areas with limited access in construction and industrial applications. Telescopic boom Lifts are also designed for rough terrain use and drive speed you need to get around the job site and to the work area.

      RANGE: 14m – 43m

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    • Altec – Truck Mounted Boom Lift – Insulated

      Insulated aerial working platform:

      • Aerial platform to work on electric power lines under voltage in compliance with the standard ANSI/SIA A 92.2 Category C – 46kV.
      • The insulated basket, insulated boom and all the special components guarantee maximum safety for the operators.
      • The telescopic boom and articulated terminal boom JIB to reach even the most uncomfortable positions.
      • 360° continuous rotation of turret.
      • 100% hydraulic controls with proportional system to allow gradual and accurate movements, and long-lasting life to the platform with maintenance costs reduced at minimum.
      • No need of any device to limit lateral outreach (100% SAFE).

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    • Truck Mounted Boom Lift – Non Insulated

      Where are we different from local manufactured TM Boom lift
      • High strength steel – Low payload.
      • 100% stability within working envelop (electronic control).
      • Reach (vertical+ horizontal) and High quality hydraulics.
      • Longer life.
      • Driver can operate.
      • Articulated boom
      • Rotating baskets.
      • Used when longer distance to be covered faster.
      • Applications: Street light maintenance, traffic camera maintenance and tree trimming, etc.
      • Range 23m – 36m.

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    • Crawler mounted articulated spider boom lift

      Articulated Spider lifts compact dimensions and lightweight construction mean they’re an elevated work platform that performs well in confined or congested working areas and working past an obstacle. Easily transportable and with an incredibly low weight to horizontal outreach ratio, our spider lifts are the answer to those particularly difficult access challenges. These spider lifts are light enough to work on load-sensitive flooring, while their non-marking rubber tracks respect all surfaces. For Outdoor use their expandable and variable position stabilisers make it easy to achieve good ground clearance on difficult slopes, soft, boggy or uneven terrain. Their narrow configuration also means that if a boom lift is unsuitable, you can still take a tall access working platform indoors, without the time and money investment of hiring scaffolding and labour. Indoors or outdoors, spider lifts lightweight, narrow access capabilities make them one of the most popular elevated work platforms.

      Range: 12m, 15m, 19m, 21m, 23m, 25m, 27m, 32m, 40m and 50m

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    • Trailer Mounted Spider Boom Lift

      Can be towed behind Car / Truck.
      • Efficient to carry to a longer distance.
      • Light Weight.
      • Battery Operated.
      • Needs Stabilizers for stability.
      • Both Indoor & Outdoor.

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