• Portadeck Mat

       Area (Per Sheet – M x M ) :  4.0 x 2.0
      Area (Per Sheet – M x M )  : 4.0 x 2.0
      Thickness (cm) :  9.4
      Material Strength (Ton/Sq meter) : 425 m
      Weight (Per Sheet Kg) : 360
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    • Folded Fiber Glass Mats

      Temporary runways and modular aircraft landing mats

      • A single Mat Assembly/Kit includes 2 Folded Fiberglass Mats, 2 short joining panels and two long joining panel.
      • The mats are constructed of rigid fiberglass panels connected by flexible polyurethane elastomer hinges. The rigid panels are 9.14 meters long by 1.82 meters wide. Hinges are no more than 7.62 cm wide and are 7.62 cm by 9.14 meters long.
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    • Bushing & Bolts

      Anchor Bushings: Steel bushing, plated. Bushing for Anchor Bolts to anchor FFM’s to runway.Upper Joining

      -Bushings: Steel bushing, plated, with bolt installed.
      -B1 Anchor Bolts: Anchor Bolts used for installing FFM to concrete surface.
      -B2 Anchor Bolts: Anchor Bolts used for installing FFM to asphalt surface.

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    • Minimum Operating Strip Edge Marking System

      • The kit contains all components required for marking up to 3,050 meter Minimum Operating Strip (MOS). Edge Markers are used to mark the threshold and departure ends, and sides of the MOS in 60 meter intervals.
      • Set consists of the following: 140 Edge Marker Bases packed on four pallets with 35 Bases per pallet. Following items are packed in three (3) large fiberglass containers: 152 Edge Marker Tops, 100 Sand Bags, 150 Traffic Cones, two (2) shovels, and two (2) 60 meter tape measures.
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    • Go Markers

      Distance-To-Go Markers (DTGM) are place along the sides of the Minimum Operating Strip (MOS) to designate, in thousands of feet, the distance remaining to the end of the MOS.

      DTGM’s are diamond shaped, free standing, 1.2m square sides, bright orange, with 5cm black border, and 96cm high, black numbers.

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    • Temporary Helipad

      There are many reasons to use portable helicopter landing pads and PortaDeck have a complete line of lightweight to heavy duty modular landing pad systems.

      From dust mitigation to prevent brown out conditions to providing a firm and stable surface for landing, helicopter parking, and helicopter maintenance, use of a composite modular helicopter landing pad system offers many benefits.

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    • Tire Patch

      The black thread is the correct footprint size for a standard 11R 22.5 (16.5 tonne on tandem axles).

      The red footprint is the same tyre, with the legal load removed (with 4 tonne load on tandem axles).

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    • Truck Loader Crane

      • Sturdy Design for long working hours.
      • For process industries.
      • Very fast operation.
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