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What is TSAF?

TsaF – Tactical Safety for Access & Falls is the leading manufacturer of Fall Protection Systems in India, brought to you by Mtandt Group. Our team of engineers and professionals are dedicated to make work-at-height a Safe, Reliable, and Cost-Effective experience for our clients and their employees. With over 40 years of experience, TsaF is your intrinsic safety partner for providing Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Lifeline System. We also provide Web Deck & Netting System, Customized Aluminium Ladder Solutions, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies. We extend our services by providing Training & Certifications to your people to work- at-height.

As a pioneer in the safety industry, TsaF provides end-to-end service from supplies of Lifeline equipment, inspection of site, designing to execution, and maintenance. We cater to sectors pertaining from Pharmaceuticals to Power, from Telecommunications to Transmission Lines, from Warehousing to Oil & Gas, to name of few.

Our user-friendly protection equipment solutions are custom-designed to meet your unique site requirement that adheres with National and International Safety Regulations to ensure your workforce goes back home safely. It builds trust, which results in increased efficiency and productivity.

All of our offered equipment and systems meet global standards such as EN/CE and ATEX Approved. This endorses our commitment to safety compliance which makes TsaF Industry’s First Choice for Fall Protection Solutions.

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    • Flowlok Ladder System

      TsaF’s FlowLok Vertical Height Access System (VHAS) Ladder System provides access to the roof, where there are no pre-fabricated ladders or climbing structures available. It can be attached to various buildings with the use of different fasteners, making it an ideal solution.

      In the event of a fall, the trolley immediately locks over the rail, thereby arresting the fall. When not in use, the uni-directional locking system of the trolleys does not allow it to fall freely down the guide rail.

      The system includes fall protection ladders, guide rails, and  self-guiding  fall  arresters. The FlowLok VHAS adheres to world-class HSE standards. Ancillary safety devices that are uniquely compatible with the fall protection ladder and ensure secure access for the operator.  

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    • Barricade System

      TsaF’s Barricade System eliminates the threat by acting as a hazard barrier between the worker and the fall hazard. Roof guardrails are used in commercial, domestic as well as industrial, and construction settings.

      Workers can freely move about inside the perimeter once the guardrail is installed. In addition, there is no need to tie off when using the barricade system. Work with complete freedom of movement for your secured personnel.

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    • Aluminium Walkway System

      It is essential to provide a safe access way for personnel working on roofs. TsaF’s Walk (Aluminium Walkway System) provides permanent and safe access across fragile/slippery roofs, capable of withstanding multiple user’s weight. We have installed Aluminium Walkway Systems that are used for various applications in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings.

      A simple solution to provide safe access when traversing on a Flat, Inclined, Curved, or Pitched Roof. It can be used as a collective measure with handrails. It allows your facility team to carry out scheduled cleaning, repair, and maintenance tasks.

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    • Vertical Lifeline System

      Many accidents related to ladders are preventable with the use of vertical lifeline and fall-protection rope grab systems. TsaF’s Vertical Lifeline Systems is designed to enhance Ladder safety, Climbing mobility, and Productivity to workers when climbing structures such as Wind turbines, Communication towers, Chimneys, Warehouses, and Oil storage tanks.

      Choose from a variety of safety ladders and vertical lifeline system designs available to fit specific tasks and job site requirements. Apart from this TsaF also offers Portable Ladder which is generally used at WTG sites (Wind, Turbine, Generator), Transmission/distribution poles, and telecom towers.

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    • Overhead Lifeline System

      Specific industries must be fitted with the Overhead Lifeline System to allow workers in loading & unloading bays. In the event of fall, after fall arrest, the person will be either lowered or rescued accordingly.

      TsaF’s Overhead Lifeline System provides a versatile yet economical Fall Protection Solution to the most challenging fall hazards. It enables workers to safely span long distances without needing to stop and reattach to a new anchor point. 

      Engineered to meet the specific needs of the Transport, Industrial, Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Warehouses, etc. Arena industry. It enables safe work at heights to be carried out on trucks, trains, aircraft, crane walkways and loading bays while solving access and safety problems. 

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    • Horizontal Lifeline System

      Fall accidents are one of the biggest causes of occupational fatalities in the Construction, Maintenance, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Power sectors. TsaF’s Horizontal Lifeline System provides your employees with the fall safety equipment they deserve, which is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

      Our broad selection of Horizontal Lifeline System ensures mobility, safety, and productivity across various applications with precision engineering to meet site- specific needs. The fall restraint and fall arrest system properties of horizontal lifelines are an integral part of this system.

      We also provide a Skylight Mesh. This is a metal screen used on skylights, to prevent accidental falls while working on the roof solar panels/roof maintenance. This can be customized as per site requirement.

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