Material Handling Equipment

    • Material Hoist


      • Providing fast, efficient and safest way of transporting material at work sites across industries with load carrying capacities ranging from 500 kgs to 4500 kgs.
      • Highly efficient planetary gear box offering increased hoist power, smooth operation and lowest power consumption across competition.
      • Entire range of material hoists come with an option of removable telescopic roof and wall panels to be utilized to carry personals for low rise buildings.
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    • Specialty

      Specialized Solutions
      In addition to Altec’s full line of mobile equipment, we offer specialty equipment, including pressure diggers, hot line insulator washers and more, to meet customers specific needs.
      1: HW145
      2: Ah125
      3: DT80
      4: HD35A

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    • Garage Hoist Winch

      • Compact Material Lift.
      • Fully manual no power needed.
      • Used by HVAC industry extensively for lifting ducts and compressors.
      • Best-in-Class Load Capacity.
      • Dual-Handle 2-Speed Winch.
      • High Quality Heavy-Duty Design.
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    • Straight Boom Crane

      • High, low or tight, Stiff boom cranes are safe, sure and dependable.
      • Great high-lift performers, lifting loads over the walls is also no problem with their unrestricted raising and lowering.
      • In deep hole jobs stiff boom cranes are strong and accurate.
      • Many extra safety features too.
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    • Knuckle Boom Crane

      Short Descriptions:

      •  Truck Loader Crane is a 3 in one equipment which can do Self Loading, Unloading and Transportation of material.
      • Consist of a Truck, Crane and Cargo body to carry material.
      • Foldable.
      • Multifunctional.
      • Attachments can be fitted.
      • Made by PM in Italy.
      • Capacity: 15T-m.
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    • Mini Crawler Crane

      • Rough Terrain Compact  cranes.
      • Made to use in confined  area.
      • Robust in construction.
      • Can be used in areas  where  other  mobile cranes  cannot access.
      • Flagship product of Unic Furukawa.
      • Capacity 3T at 2.5m.
      • Perfect for  use   in  Construction  sites,  Inside  factory, Commercial Complex.
      • Can be  fitted   with  glass  lifting  attachments  make  it versatile equipment.
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    • Rope Suspended Platform

      • Hot dip galvanized structure to prevent rust and give long life.
      • Pin joints to ensure faster erection and dismantling.
      • Concrete counter weights for cost effective logistic management.
      • Anti-swing device to avoid sway of platform in windy condition.
      • Modular platform which ensures various combination of lengths to reach smallest area of building.
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    • Tele-handler and Attachments

      • Tele-handler is an equipment which is regarded as either High Reach or High Capacity forklift Equipment , which can be converted to Crane Equipment , Grabbing and clamping Equipment or Man Lift Equipment.
      • Rough Terrain Equipment – 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Wheel Steering.
      • Powerful Engine – Rugged Hydro Static Transmission.
      • Electronically Controlled Machines – For precision work in the safest mode.
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