Material Handling Equipment

    • Tele-handler and Attachments

      • Tele-handler is an equipment which is regarded as either High Reach or High Capacity forklift Equipment , which can be converted to Crane Equipment , Grabbing and clamping Equipment or Man Lift Equipment.
      • Rough Terrain Equipment – 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Wheel Steering.
      • Powerful Engine – Rugged Hydro Static Transmission.
      • Electronically Controlled Machines – For precision work in the safest mode.
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    • Mini Crawler Crane

      • Rough Terrain Compact  cranes.
      • Made to use in confined  area.
      • Robust in construction.
      • Can be used in areas  where  other  mobile cranes  cannot access.
      • Flagship product of Unic Furukawa.
      • Capacity 3T at 2.5m.
      • Perfect for  use   in  Construction  sites,  Inside  factory, Commercial Complex.
      • Can be  fitted   with  glass  lifting  attachments  make  it versatile equipment.
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    • Straight Boom Crane

      • High, low or tight, Stiff boom cranes are safe, sure and dependable.
      • Great high-lift performers, lifting loads over the walls is also no problem with their unrestricted raising and lowering.
      • In deep hole jobs stiff boom cranes are strong and accurate.
      • Many extra safety features too.
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    • Material Hoist


      • Providing fast, efficient and safest way of transporting material at work sites across industries with load carrying capacities ranging from 500 kgs to 4500 kgs.
      • Highly efficient planetary gear box offering increased hoist power, smooth operation and lowest power consumption across competition.
      • Entire range of material hoists come with an option of removable telescopic roof and wall panels to be utilized to carry personals for low rise buildings.
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    • Specialty

      Specialized Solutions
      In addition to Altec’s full line of mobile equipment, we offer specialty equipment, including pressure diggers, hot line insulator washers and more, to meet customers specific needs.
      1: HW145
      2: Ah125
      3: DT80
      4: HD35A

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    • Cranes

      Altec offers a wide range of 18 to 45 ton truck-mounted cranes for the utility nad construction industries. All Altec cranes are built with ease of operation and safety in mind using advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Each Altec crane provides value through integral safety features, productivity benefits and operator convenience.
      1: AC18-70B
      2: AC23-95B
      3: AC40-152S-TC
      4: AC40-152S

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    • Knuckle Boom Crane

      Short Descriptions:

      •  Truck Loader Crane is a 3 in one equipment which can do Self Loading, Unloading and Transportation of material.
      • Consist of a Truck, Crane and Cargo body to carry material.
      • Foldable.
      • Multifunctional.
      • Attachments can be fitted.
      • Made by PM in Italy.
      • Capacity: 15T-m.
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    • Rope Suspended Platform

      • Hot dip galvanized structure to prevent rust and give long life.
      • Pin joints to ensure faster erection and dismantling.
      • Concrete counter weights for cost effective logistic management.
      • Anti-swing device to avoid sway of platform in windy condition.
      • Modular platform which ensures various combination of lengths to reach smallest area of building.
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    • Garage Hoist Winch

      Garage Hoist Winch otherwise called as Duct Lift is a versatile, low cost, manually operated material lift. Best suited for shifting heavy materials from one place to another, ideal application industry include, shipping, logistics, warehouse, storage units, manufacturing plants, transport and more.

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