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Mtandt Rostrum & Rostrum Sekure is a one-stop-shop solution for all your access needs. We offer a wide-range of robust, durable, easy-to-operate, economical equipment to facilitate safe and easy access to heights.

Our range of Mtandt Rostrum includes Stairway Sekure, Narrow Sekure, Traditional Narrow, Traditional Stairway, Podium Platform and Project Dost plus for customized and engineered access solutions.

We also offer Power Lift, Power Pole, Power Mast, Personnel Lift (Single & Double Mast), Push Around Scissor Lift, Duct Lift, Stock Picker and more.

Mtandt Rostrum aims to offer high-performance and high-quality equipment to various industries to facilitate safety and productivity at the worksite.

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    • Project Dost Plus

      • Scaffolding Width: 0.70m
      • Scaffolding Length: 1.56m
      • Weld-Less Aluminium 
      • No Loose Components
      • Easy To Handle & Fitted With One-Handed ‘Kwiklock’ For Lightweight And Fast Assembly
      • Step Adjustment Option.
      • Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors.
      • Warranty 1 Year Against Manufacturing Defects
      • Maximum Load Capacity 125 Kilogram.
      • Rung Spacing: 280 Mm.
      • Rungs: 7/9/11.
      • Height Of Tower 1.96m, 2.52m And 3.0m
      • Toe Board Is Optional
      • Marine Grade Birch Ply Platform
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    • Stairway Sekure


      Sl.No Model No. Platform Height  Tower Height Working Height
      1 ST320 2.2m 3.3m 4.3m
      2 ST516 4.1m 5.1m 6.1m
      3 ST712 6.1m 7.1m 8.1m
      4 ST908 8m 9m 10m
      5 ST1104 10m 11m 12m
      6 ST1300 12m 12m 13m

      Only Rostrum complies to EN:1004-1:2020 standard

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    • Narrow Sekure

      Sl.No Model No. Platform Height Tower Height Working Height
      1 NS320 2m 3m 4m
      2 NS516 4m 5m 6m
      3 NS712  6m 7m 8m
      4 NS908 8m 9m 10m

      Only Rostrum complies to EN:1004-1:2020 standard

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    • Podium Platform

      Step platform (Podium Step) with/without handrail Different working height optional for all types of work Easy to assemble/disassemble, transport & storage Step distance 300mm
      Material: Aluminium 6061-T6
      Anti-slip wooden platform: 10mm thick plywood with high quality birch core
      Working height: 3.25m, 3.81m & 4.09m
      Marine grade birch ply platform

      Model MPP-216 MPP-217 MPP218
      Working Height 3.25m 3.81m 4.09m
      Tower Height 2.25m 2.81m 3.09m
      Platform Height 1.25m 1.81m 2.09m
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    • Traditional Narrow

      Sl. No. Model No. Platform Height Tower Height Working Height
      1 NT310 2.1m 3.1m 4.1m
      2 NT422 3.2m 4.2m 5.2m
      3 NT506 4m 5m 6m
      4 NT618 5.1m 6.1m 7.1m
      5 NT702 6m 7m 8m
      6 NT814 7.1m 8.1m 9.1m
      7 NT898 7.9m 8.9m 9.9m
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    • Traditional Stairway

      Sl. No. Model No. Platform Height Tower Height Working Height
      1 ST310 2.1m 3.1m 4.1m
      2 ST506422 4m 5m 6m
      3 ST702 6m 7m 8m
      4 ST898 7.9m 8.9m 9.9m
      5 ST1094 9.9m 10.9m 11.9m
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    • Stock Picker

      Model No: OPT0507

      Max. Working Height 4.99m
      Max. Platform Height 2.99m
      Overall Length 1.59m
      Overall Width 0.75m
      Overall Height 1.59m
      Ground Clearance 0.04m
      Wheelbase 1.11m
      Turning Radius (Inside/Outside) 0m/1.3m
      Front Wheels Ø254×63.5mm
      Back Wheels (Driving Wheels) Ø305×63.5mm
      SWL of Platform (for Person) 135 kg
      SWL of Pallet (for Goods-Up) 90kg
      SWL of Pallet (for Goods-Down) 115kg
      Max. Occupants 1
      Forward Speed (Stowed) 4.8km/h
      Back Speed (Stowed) 3.2km/h
      Travel Speed (Raised) 1.6km/h
      Up/Down Speed 18s/18s
      Gradeability 15%
      Max. Working Slope 0*
      Driving Motor 2x24V/0.68kW
      Lifting Motor 24V/1.2kW
      Battery 2x12V/115Ah
      Charger 24V/15A
      Overall Weight 640kg
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    • Power Mast

      20-40 FPM mast climbing speed Customers available for tight spaces Height adjustable while in use 1500lb weight capacity

      Fast setup, fast access
      15 minute twin mast setup Erected for ground up, unlike swing stage Powered by 1/2in, 8amp electric drill Tools-free mast assembly

      Easy transport
      Fits in back of truck/van Aluminium mast sections Stackable mast sections Compact and stable base plate

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    • Power Lift

      Description Fixed base (FB) Outrigger base (OB) Straddle base (SB)
      Conforming standard ANSI A92.20 ANSI A92.20 ANSI A92.20
      Platform capacity 350lbs (159kg) 350lbs (159kg) 350lbs (159kg)
      Power source AC or DC drill AC or DC drill AC or DC drill
      Rates horizontal force 52.5lbs (234N) 52.5lbs (234N) 52.5lbs (234N)
      Machine weight 220lbs (100kg) 570lbs (259kg) 520lbs (236kg)
      Swivel/lockable caster diameter Optional 5in (127mm) 5in (127mm) 6in (152mm)
      Platform size (L x W) 26in x 30in (660mm x 762mm) 26in x 30in (660mm x 762mm) 26in x 30in (660mm x 762mm)
      4ft mast section weight 28.5lbs (12.9kg) 28.5lbs (12.9kg) 28.5lbs (12.9kg)
      Rear outrigger weight 9.3lbs (4.2kg) 9.3lbs (4.2kg) 9.3lbs (4.2kg)
      Front outrigger weight 10.6lbs (4.8kg) 10.6lbs (4.8kg) 10.6lbs (4.8kg)
      Flat free transport wheels (Optional) 12in x 3.5in (305mm x 89mm) 12in x 3.5in (305mm x 89mm) 12in x 3.5in (305mm x 89mm)
      Drive Drive worm drive with integrated

      drive gear & brake

      Drive worm drive with integrated

      drive gear & brake

      Drive worm drive with integrated

      drive gear & brake

      Stowed length 36.0in (914mm) 53.4in (1356mm) 36in (914mm)
      Stowed width 30in (762mm) 30in (762mm) 30in (762mm)
      Stowed height 60.0in (1524mm) 73.5in (1867mm) N/A
      Minimum platform height 6in (152mm) 12.9in (329mm) N/A
      Outrigger footprint width N/A 67.1in (1705mm) 86-106in (2032-2692mm)
      Footprint length N/A 64.4in (1635mm) 81.5-104in (2070-2642mm)
      Distance from wall side 0in (0mm) 18.5in (471mm) 28-38in (711-965mm)
      Distance from wall front 0in (0mm) 10.3in (261mm) 20-29in (508-737mm)
      Erected mast height 20.7ft (6.31m) 21.7ft (6.6m) 26.2ft (8m)
      Maximum platform height 18.5ft (5.64m)** 20.0ft (6.1m) 24.0ft (7.32m)
      Maximum leg offset N/A N/A 25-63in (635-1600mm)
      Maximum working height 25ft (7.64m)** 26ft (7.9m)* 30ft (9.14m)

      The powerlift Pl65 is the lightest, most versatile life on the market with three base options, this 3 in 1 lift makes reaching difficult places easy. Powerlift Pl65 is available with a fixed base for an incredibly small footprint, our standard outrigger base for quick and easy set up and a straddle base so you can work over obstacles like pews or theater seats. Like all of our Powerlifts, Pl65 can easily be moved around on its casters by just one person. All of the components can be carried up slopes or stairs, so you can easily work in auditorium, theaters, churches and more. Powerlift’s only electrical components is the drill for power (corded or cordless). There are no expensive controls, sensors or switches to repair when they malfunction. Powerlift is very simple to operate. The Powerlift gearbox includes an integrated over speed brakes for added safety. For indoor use only.

      Shipping dimensions: Depends upon base configuration
      Shipping weight: Depends upon base configuration

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    • Push Around Scissor Lift

      Push Around Scissor Lifts by Mtandt are portable units that are quick to setup and simple to operate. These units are perfect for lifting a single person needing to do construction or maintenance work at height. These scissor lifts are compact enough to pass through a standard doorway, light in weight and can be shifted from one place to another easily by a single person. They are ideal for captive indoor works like repair and maintenance inside factory, airport or auditorium.

      Model Mk600 Mk750 Mk900 Mk1100 Mk1200
      SWL on extension 500kg 500kg 500kg 500kg 500kg
      Max. platform height 6m 7.5m 9m 11m 12m
      Platform size (L x W) 1.85 x 0.88m 1.8 x 1.00m 1.8 x 1.00m 2.1 x 1.15m 2.45 x 1.35m
      Overall size (L x W x H) 1.9 x 1.12 x 0.75m 1.85 x 1.24 x 1.5m 1.85 x 1.24 x 1.65m 2.25 x 1.59 x 1.85m 2.15 x 1.59 x 1.85m
      Lifting time 54S 72S 80S 88S 90S
      Motor power 1.5kW 1.5kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3kW
      Power voltage AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V
      Weight 650kg 1100kg 1260kg 1380kg 1850kg
      Tyre Ø200 Polyurethane Ø400-8 Polyurethane Tyre Ø500-8 Polyurethane
      Optional Motorized Device with Dc Power
      Driving motor 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW
      Lifting motor 2.2kW 2.2kW 2.2kW 3kW 3kW
      Power source 120AH x 2 120AH x 2 120AH x 2 150AH x 2 200AH x 2
      Charger 4V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A
      Overall size (L x W x H) 1.95 x 1.08 x 1.1m 1.95 x 1.2 x 1.54m 1.95 x 1.2 x 1.68m 2.25 x 1.35 x 1.7m 2.5 x 1.55 x 1.88m
      Model Mk1400 Mk1600 Mk600T Mk900T Mk1200T
      SWL on extension 500kg 300kg 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg
      Max. platform height 14m 16m 6m 9m 12m
      Platform size (L x W) 2.45 x 1.35m 2.75 x 1.5m 1.8 x 1.00m 1.8 x 1.25m 2.45 x 1.35m
      Overall size (L x W x H) 2.15 x 1.59 x 2.00m 2.75 x 1.74 x 2.00m 1.85 x 1.24 x 1.1m 1.95 x 1.45 x 1.75m 2.5 x 1.55 x 1.88m
      Lifting time 120S 130S 80S 100S 135S
      Motor power 3kW 3kW 2.2kW 3kW 4kW
      Power voltage AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V
      Weight 2150kg 2680kg 950kg 1510kg 2700kg
      Tyre Ø500-8 Polyurethane
      Optional Motorized Device with Dc Power
      Driving motor 1.2kW 1.2kW 0.75kW 1.2kW 1.2kW
      Lifting motor 2.3kW 2.3kW 3kW 3kW 2.2kW
      Power source 150AH x 4 150AH x 4 150AH x 2 200AH x 2 150AH x 4
      Charger 4V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A
      Overall size (L x W x H) 2.5 x 1.55 x 2m 2.85 x 1.75 x 2.1m 1.95 x 1.2 x 1.45m 1.95 x 1.45 x 1.75m 2.5 x 1.55 x 1.88m
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    • Personnel Lift (Single Mast)

      Model ME600-1 ME800-1 ME900-1
      Lift capacity 130kg 130kg 130kg
      Max. platform occupancy 1 1 1
      Max. working height 8.00m 10.00m 11.00m
      Max. platform height 6.00m 8.00m 9.00m
      Stowed length 1.34m 1.34m 1.45m
      Stowed width 0.85m 0.85m 0.85m
      Stowed height 2.00m 2.00m 2.00m
      Platform size 0.60 x 0.55m 0.60 x 0.55m 0.60 x 0.55m
      Outrigger footprint 1.7 x 1.67m 1.7 x 1.67m 1.93 x 1.77m
      Ground clearance 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
      Lifting motor (AC) 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW
      Weight (AC) 370kg 390kg 400kg


      Power source 24V/80Ah 24V/80Ah 24V/80Ah
      Lifting motor (DC) 0.80kW 0.80kW 0.80kW
      Charger 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A



      • Power Control
      • Ground Control
      • Double Limit Switch
      • Anti-Dust Cover
      • Auxiliary Lowering Device
      • Screw Type Outriggers
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    • Power Pole

      Make traditional pump jack systems are a thing of the past! power pole grants you fast access up to 78 ft, even between buildings, on rooftops and around landscaping. the power pole system removes the manual labor of pumping or cranking and replaces it with easy, powered access. unlike traditional scaffolding, with reechcraft’s power pole, you can always work at the ideal height!

      Maximum Rated Load on Climbing Unit 650 lbs (1,300 lbs per pair)
      Safety Devices Lock Pawl, Manual Crank, Integrated Overspeed Brake
      Maximum Climbing Speed at 1/2 Rated Load 25 ft/min
      Maximum Climbing Speed at Rated Load 15 ft/min
      Maximum Lowering Speed 30 ft/min
      Maximum Platform Height 72 ft
      Maximum Work Height 78 ft
      Platform Sizes   Up to 40 ft x 28 in.
      Basket Size 26 in. x 36 in. x 42 in.
      Maximum Midspan Tie Spacing 16 ft
      Maximum Untied Work Height (Requires Outriggers) 24 ft
      Maximum Height without Midspan Tie (with Outriggers) 32 ft (40 ft)


      • Easy and fast setup in minutes
      • Perfect for tight spaces
      • Accommodates platforms up to 28 in. wide
      • Landscape-friendly design
      • Fits in doorways
      • No roof rigging
      • Increases efficiency

      IDEAL FOR:

      • Tuckpointing
      • Waterproofing
      • Patching and repair
      • Siding and painting
      • Roofing
      • Windows
      • Wall Coatings
      • Cleaning
      • Caulking and glazing

      These specifications are taken from the operators manual and are subject to change. Refer to the operators manual for detailed specifications, and information on proper usage and maintenance.

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    • Duct Lift

      Duct Lift otherwise called as Garage Hoist Winch is a versatile, low cost, manually operated material lift. Best suited for shifting heavy materials from one place to another, ideal application industry include, shipping, logistics, warehouse, storage units, manufacturing plants, transport and more.

      Model MDL-54 MDL-72
      Lift height
      Standard forks – up 5.6m 7.4m
      Standard forks – down 5.1m 6.9m
      Adjustable forks (up) 5.6m 7.4m
      Adjustable forks (down) 5.1m 6.9m
      Boom 5.4m 7.2m
      Height – stowed 2.2 2.2m
      Length – stowed 85cm 85cm
      Operating 1.86m 2.06m
      Width – stowed 77cm 77cm
      Stabilizers deployed 1.63m 1.63m
      Stabilizers Standard Standard
      Length 76cm 76cm
      Width (outside) 58cm 58cm
      Max. load capacity
      36cm load center 318kg 295kg
      61cm load center 200kg 195kg
      107cm load center 84kg 80kg
      Ground clearance 6cm 6cm
      Min. load height 15cm 15cm
      Weight 141kg 162kg
      Winch cranks/distance
      High speed 13.1 cranks/m
      Low speed 49.2 cranks/m
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    • Personnel Lift (Double Mast)

      Model ME600-2 ME800-2 ME900-2 ME1000-2 ME1200-2
      Lift capacity 200kg 200kg 200kg 200kg 200kg
      Max. platform occupancy 1 1 1 1 1
      Max. working height 8m 10m 11m 12m 14m
      Max. platform height 6m 8m 9m 10m 12m
      Stowed length 1.54m 1.54m 1.54m 1.76m 1.76m
      Stowed width 1m 1m 1m 1m 1m
      Stowed height 2m 2m 2m 2m 2m
      Platform size 1.30 x 0.62m 1.30 x 0.62m 1.30 x 0.62m 1.52 x 0.62m 1.52 x 0.62m
      Outrigger footprint 1.77 x 1.82m 1.77 x 1.62m 1.77 x 1.62m 2.1 x 2.00m 2.1 x 2.00m
      Ground clearance 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
      Lifting motor (AC) 1.1kW 1.1kW 1.1kW 1.1kW 1.1kW
      Weight (AC) 600kg 660kg 730kg 780kg 830kg


      Power source 24V/100Ah 24V/100Ah 24V/100Ah 24V/100Ah 24V/100Ah
      Lifting motor (DC) 0.80kW 0.80kW 0.60kW 0.80kW 1.5kW
      Charger 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A



      • Positioning Fixture
      • Manual Handle
      • Level Gauge
      • Motorized Handle
      • Motorized Wheel
      • Charger
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