Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

We are providing equipment rental services for aluminum scaffolding, boom lift, scissor lift, cherry pickers, Articulated Boom Lift, Manlift, Diesel Boom Lift and many more.

    • Electric Scissor Lift



      ZS0607Dc | ZS1012DC | ZS1212DC | ZS1414DC

      Mtandt Group brings to a range of electrically-driven scissor lifts that deliver more than double efficiency than its counterpart hydraulic lifts. With platform height ranging from 4m to 14m, Zoomlion scissor lifts offer longer runtime and promote quieter working environments. Boasting low CG, stable operation and large capacity, the DC series delivers maximum safety and excellent performance for a more productive day.

      Comply with CE/ANSI/GB Standard

      Model ZS1414DC ZS1212DC ZS1012DC ZS0607DC
      Work Height 15.7m 13.80m 11.80m 7.87m
      A – Platform Height 13.7m 11.80m 9.80m 5.87m
      B – Platform Height (Stowed) 1.53m 1.46m 1.33m 1.05m
      C – Platform Dimension (Length) 2.67m 2.30m 2.30m 1.65m
      D – Platform Dimension (Width) 1.12m 1.12m 1.12m 0.74m
      Platform Extension 0.9m 0.91m 0.91m 0.91m
      E – Overall Height (Rails Up) 2.65m 2.59m 2.46m 2.20m
      Overall Height (Rails Down) 2.1m 2.05m 1.92m 1.79m
      F – Overall Length 2.87m 2.49m 2.49m 1.85m
      G – Overall Width 1.4m 1.15m 1.15m 0.76m
      H Wheelbase 2.22m 1.85m 1.85m 1.37m
      I – Ground Clearance (Stowed) 0.11m 0.11m 0.11m 0.06m
      J – Ground Clearance (Raised) 0.02m 0.02m 0.02m 0.016m
      Platform Capacity 260kg 350kg 350kg 230kg
      Capacity on Deck Extension 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg
      Max. Number of Workers 2 3 2 2
      Drive Speed (Stowed) 4km/h 4km/h 4km/h 4km/h
      Drive Speed (Raised) 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h
      Turning Radius (Inside) 0.1m 0.1m 0.1m 0.1m
      Turning Radius (Outside) 2.6m 2.2m 2.2m 1.6m
      Up/Down Time 88/60s 62s/42s 60s/35s 20s/24s
      Gradeability 25% 25%(14°) 25%(14°) 25%(14°)
      Max. Working Slope (Lateral/Vertical) 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3°
      Control Proportional   Control Proportional   Control Proportional   Control Proportional   Control
      Drive Front Wheels Front Wheels Front Wheels Front Wheels
      Brake Front Wheels Front Wheels Front Wheels Front Wheels
      Tire ∅381mmX127mm ф381mm×127mm ф381mm×127mm ф323mm×100mm
      Battery 4×12V/300Ah 4×12V/300Ah 4×6V/240Ah 4×6V/210Ah
      Charger 24V/30A 24V/30A 24V/30A 24V/30A
      Gross 3570kg 3210kg 2930kg 1455kg


      High Performance Easy Maintenance & Service
      The efficiency of direct electric-driven almost doubles hydraulic pump-driven Common components and modular design, easy to maintenance
      Up to 380kg platform capacity with better performance on-the-job Bilateral swing-out trays (battery & hydraulic), simple to service
      Front-wheel drive and brake offer mobility and versatility Robust & build to last, reliable and safe
      Intelligent Connectivity
      Zoomlion AWM Remote Monitoring and Rental Management System quickly obtains equipment status and realizes on-line operation management. *


      Proportional controls Drivable at full height
      All motion alarm Scissor maintenance prop
      Fold-down handrails Charging protection system
      Flashing amber beacon Extension deck (unidirectional)
      Self-closing entry gate Autobrake system
      Emergency descent system On-board diagnostic
      Active pothole protection system Emergency stop button
      Hour meter Over tilt protective system
      Forklift pockets Zoomlion AWM Remote Monitoring and Rental Management System*
      GPS positioning and tracking  system*
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    • Scissor Lifts-Diesel

      Self Propelled Diesel Scissor Lift Platform :

      Diesel Scissor Lifts are also called as Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts and are ideal for increasing productivity in demanding outdoor worksites. Competitive lift speed and large platforms maximize efficiency with the handling and capacity to get to the jobsite and finish working faster. They are perfect equipment for use in Construction, Infrastructure and Public Works, cleaning, maintenance and events jobsite.

      Range: 10m – 18m

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    • electric scissor lift

      Mtandt offers electric scissor lift for rent. Our electric scissor lifts are available in a range of sizes so can choose the right lift for your project. They are suitable for movement over smooth or solid slab work surfaces. Electric Scissor Lifts are environmentally friendly, with low noise levels and no hazardous emissions, and some models are equipped with non-marking tires.

      Range: 5m -22m

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    • Push Around Scissor Lift

      Push Around Scissor Lifts by Mtandt are portable units that are quick to setup and simple to operate. These units are perfect for lifting a single person needing to do construction or maintenance work at height. These scissor lifts are compact enough to pass through a standard doorway, light in weight and can be shifted from one place to another easily by a single person. They are ideal for captive indoor works like repair and maintenance inside factory, airport or auditorium.

      We deal with OEMs across the globe to bring you best equipment.

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    • Hydraulic scissor lift

      Mainly for indoor work – can also work outdoor with limited capacity.
      • Mainly DC battery driven.
      • Solid tyre.
      • Suitable for 1-2 person.
      • Machine is drivable from full height (with limited speed).
      • 2 Wheel Drive.
      • Hydraulic Drive / Electric Drive.
      • Range 6m – 16m.

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