It is essential to provide a safe access way for personnel working on roofs. TsaF’s Walk (Aluminium Walkway System) provides permanent and safe access across fragile/slippery roofs, capable of withstanding multiple user’s weight. We have installed Aluminium Walkway Systems that are used for various applications in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings. A simple solution to provide safe access when traversing on a Flat, Inclined, Curved, or Pitched Roof. It can be used as a collective measure with handrails. It allows your facility team to carry out scheduled cleaning, repair, and maintenance tasks. Applications of Aluminium Walkway
  • Access and maintenance on all types of roof
  • Repair/maintenance of solar panels/equipment
Benefits of Aluminium Walkway
  • High-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminium system.
  • Lighter than fabricated steel solutions.
  • Grated thread traction, non-slip walkway.
  • Heavy-load bearing walkway and cost-effective.
  • Durable, maintenance-free walkway systems.
  • Safe, convenient and reliable personal fall protection.
  • Dedicated pathway for repair and maintenance of roof Installed by trained professionals.
  • Chequered Plate
  • Perforated

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