Mtandt Group, a pioneer in aerial work platforms brings to you a range of self-propelled electric scissor lifts that offer enhanced safety and productivity while being cost-effective. Mlift scissor lift is designed with efficiency in mind, it is compact, flexible, lightweight, easy to operate and great mobility. It is manufactured with an advanced design concept and professional production technology and is equipped with a charging indicator light, safety check lever, emergency drop system, emergency stop button and folding fence in place to ensure the safety of operating personnel.

It is an ideal equipment for a single operation and can be used to match various applications and low-altitude working conditions as seen in warehouse, airports, residential, and commercial facilities. Our scissor lift can easily pass through a single door, aisle, and passenger elevator. It can easily navigate through narrow space.

Scissor lift available for rent and sale across India.

Model BM-SLM390E
Max. working height 5.9m
Max. platform height 3.9m
Platform (L x W) 1.15m x 0.6m
Extension deck size (L x W) 1.15m x 0.7m
Extension deck (Roll out) 0.55m
Overall length (Stowed) 1.32m
Overall width (Stowed) 0.76m
Overall height (Rails up) 1.94m
Overall height (Rails down) 1.59m
Ground clearance (Stowed) 0.10m
Ground clearance (Raised) 0.05m
Wheelbase 1.0m
Weight 645kg
Gradeability 25%
Turning radius (Inside) 0.4m
Turning Radius (Outside) 1.35m
Lift/lowe time 30S/20S
Travel speed (Stowed) 3.5km/h
Travel speed (Raised) 1.0km/h
Platform capacity (SWL) 240kg
SWL of extension deck 100kg
Max. no of person 1
Max. operating slope 1.5 /2
Lift/drive motor 0.8kW/DC24V
Power source 2 x 12V/80Ah
Charger 24V/12A
Tire size Ø0.23 x 0.08m
  • Proportional Control
  • Automatic Brake System
  • Pothole Protection
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Fault Diagnosis System
  • Tilt Protection System
  • No Marking Tyre
  • Buzzer
  • 4*2 drive
  • Optional Configurations
  • AC power and airway tube to the platform
  • Working light on the platform.

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