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Flowlok Ladder System

Flowlok Ladder System

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TsaF’s FlowLok Vertical Height Access System (VHAS) Ladder System provides access to the roof, where there are no pre-fabricated ladders or climbing structures available. It can be attached to various buildings with the use of different fasteners, making it an ideal solution.

In the event of a fall, the trolley immediately locks over the rail, thereby arresting the fall. When not in use, the uni-directional locking system of the trolleys does not allow it to fall freely down the guide rail.

The system includes fall protection ladders, guide rails, and  self-guiding  fall  arresters. The FlowLok VHAS adheres to world-class HSE standards. Ancillary safety devices that are uniquely compatible with the fall protection ladder and ensure secure access for the operator.  

Benefits of Flowlok Ladder System

  • Lightweight and uses minimal components.
  • Lesser surface area ensures mitigation of wind load.
  • Made of high-grade Galvanized Steel (Galvanization thickness 70 microns min.).
  • Simple, cost-effective, and versatile.
  • Ribbed rungs prevent slippage welded at 279mm c/c.

Applications of Flowlok Ladder System

  • Power Transmission Towers 
  • Communication Towers 
  • Oil Rigs & Platforms 
  • Water Towers 
  • Storage Bins & Silos


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