Hook Loader

Hook Loader

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It’s a hydraulic handling machine for :

  • Load an Unload container.
  • Dump the goods.
  • Transfer container on the trailer.
  • Use a different type of container due to customer activities.
  • Use the different size of the container (length or height).

All this function or application with only 1 truck

  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Less truck needed.
  • Capacity 3Ton to 30Ton

We offer the best range of hook loader for removable skips. For numerous years, we have been proposing solutions for the specific requirements of its clients all over the globe. Our priority is to maintain the safety and quality of our products. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 authorized company with great quality products, because, the fulfilment of our associates and clients, as well as our ecological concern, are always in the forefront. The overall quality of our welding is delineated by our ISO 3834-2 authorization. Manufacturing organization, certification standards, and consistency guarantee the tremendous level of quality and reliability of Mtandt’ hook loaders in all various circumstances. Such a stage of finishing and quality enables us to be the present world leader in hook loader. The operating design of our skips loaders and hook loaders make sure easy operation and minimal maintenance. We propose a sturdy invention and the great operational profitability of your equipment. The distribution network across the globe ensures rapid and consistent service.

Mtandt Hooklifts is the most trusted company with the wide-ranging brand of lifting equipment invented for transferable containers.


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