Horizontal Lifeline System

Horizontal Lifeline System

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Fall accidents are one of the biggest causes of occupational fatalities in the Construction, Maintenance, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Power sectors. TsaF’s Horizontal Lifeline System provides your employees with the fall safety equipment they deserve, which is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

Our broad selection of Horizontal Lifeline System ensures mobility, safety, and productivity across various applications with precision engineering to meet site- specific needs. The fall restraint and fall arrest system properties of horizontal lifelines are an integral part of this system.

We also provide a Skylight Mesh. This is a metal screen used on skylights, to prevent accidental falls while working on the roof solar panels/roof maintenance. This can be customized as per site requirement.

Types of Horizontal Lifeline System

Anchorage Structure Type

The structure your framework must connect to, for example, an I-beam, rooftop concrete column, can manage the kind of particular framework required. A horizontal lifeline may have all the earmarks of being a fundamental line hung between two anchors, however, it isn’t. It is basic to pick a framework that has been accuracy designed and thoroughly tried for the application and structure it will be joined to.

Portable or Permanent Type Systems

Temporary jobs need lightweight and easy-to-use moveable horizontal lifeline systems. They are easier to be moved from one location to another.

Lifeline Type

Lifeline type can significantly affect your frameworks usability or establishment, lifespan and fall freedom to give some examples. Synthetic lines are lightweight and reduced while aroused or tempered steel alternatives offer included consumption and scraped area obstruction and regularly require less fall freedom.

Benefits of Horizontal Lifeline System

  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair activity can be carried out on rooftops, by multiple teams at all times with 100% safety.
  • Horizontal lifeline systems with automatic pass-through eliminating the need for workers to unclip from the HLL to move past intermediate anchor points, thus keeping both hands free.
  • Lighter than fabricated steel solutions. 
  • Easier navigation around corners and building contours. Double lanyard with a safety harness.
  • Durable, high-strength, corrosion-resistant system. 
  • Trained professional installation, customized, and maintenance-free longevity. 
  • Dedicated pathway for repair & maintenance of roof equipment.
  • Fall protection coverage across a wide range.

Applications of Horizontal Lifeline Systems

  • Roof Top-Flat/Sloped 
  • Aircraft Hangar 
  • Stadium/Arena 
  • Constructions
  • Solar Panel Maintenance

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