These electric Operated Mast Boom Lifts are the access machine of choice for light maintenance work. In narrow spaces, or where there's a tight turning area, working past the obstacle, these elevated work platforms are the ideal piece of access equipment, offering you speed and ultimate manoeuvrability. So, if you need to quickly zip around sites like shopping centres, high rises or hospitals, our super-compact, easy-to-drive one man Mast Boom Lift will have those small, but tricky access jobs - like changing light bulbs or touching up paint - completed in no time.

Range: 11.5m
  • Mast Boom Lift – 11.5m.
  • A combination of Vertical Mast Lift and Boom Lift can work beyond obstacles.
  • Wheel-mounted or crawler mounted.
  • Power: Electric.
  • For Vertical and Horizontal Access.
  • Qualities of Vertical Lift and Boom Lift.
  • Perfect for working beyond the obstacles.

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