Mini Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane

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  • Rough Terrain Compact  cranes.
  • Made to use in confined  area.
  • Robust in construction.
  • Can be used in areas  where  other  mobile cranes  cannot access.
  • Flagship product of Unic Furukawa.
  • Capacity 3T at 2.5m.
  • Perfect for  use   in  Construction  sites,  Inside  factory, Commercial Complex.
  • Can be  fitted   with  glass  lifting  attachments  make  it versatile equipment.

Mini crawler crane

Mini crawler cranes are Compact yet powerful lifting across uneven terrain Our range of mini telescopic crawler cranes bring together the ultimate combination of compact size and heavy duty lifting power for working on rugged terrain or congested sites. They are ideal for lifting and handling jobs at construction sites, inside factories for installing machines and equipment’s, Monuments maintenance by Archaeological Survey of India.

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