Neoloy Geocell – Soil Stabilization

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Neoloy Geocell offers high level performance that exceeds the typical design life requirements of civil engineering projects. It facilitates long term resistance to creep, fatigue and stress-cracking, as well as oxidation, temperature extremes and UV light exposure. These abilities extend Neoloy’s design life well beyond any conventional/geocell technology and provide a clear value proposition compared to any geosynthetic reinforcement.

Neoloy Geocell Properties

  • Reduce pavement structural layers up to 40%.
  • Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) can be upto 6+ times (Depending on site condition).
  • Utilization of Local infill material
  • Beam Effect – distributes load evenly, increases subgrade bearing capacity.
  • High tensile strength – permanent deformation (including creep) of < 3% based on 70 year design.
  • 3D-Confinement– Reduces settlement dramatically.
  • Unique Neoloy polymer – produce by nanotechnology.
  • Retention of engineering characteristics at elevated temperatures

Neoloy GeoCell Advantage:

Neoloy Geocells meet the basic goals of civil engineering solutions. Faster installation at lowest cost. The innovative Neoloy Geocell confinement system provides multiple engineering, environmental and economic benefits to every project:

  • Increases Design life of project
  • Fast and simple deployment
  • Overall Reduction in Project Cost
  • Significant reduction in subsequent maintenance cost.
  • Helps in environment protection by reduction in uses of construction material and construction equipment’s.

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