Personnel Lift (Single Mast)

Personnel Lift (Single Mast)

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Model ME600-1 ME800-1 ME900-1
Lift capacity 130kg 130kg 130kg
Max. platform occupancy 1 1 1
Max. working height 8.00m 10.00m 11.00m
Max. platform height 6.00m 8.00m 9.00m
Stowed length 1.34m 1.34m 1.45m
Stowed width 0.85m 0.85m 0.85m
Stowed height 2.00m 2.00m 2.00m
Platform size 0.60 x 0.55m 0.60 x 0.55m 0.60 x 0.55m
Outrigger footprint 1.7 x 1.67m 1.7 x 1.67m 1.93 x 1.77m
Ground clearance 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
Lifting motor (AC) 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW
Weight (AC) 370kg 390kg 400kg


Power source 24V/80Ah 24V/80Ah 24V/80Ah
Lifting motor (DC) 0.80kW 0.80kW 0.80kW
Charger 24V/15A 24V/15A 24V/15A



  • Power Control
  • Ground Control
  • Double Limit Switch
  • Anti-Dust Cover
  • Auxiliary Lowering Device
  • Screw Type Outriggers

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