Power Pole

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Make traditional pump jack systems are a thing of the past! power pole grants you fast access up to 78 ft, even between buildings, on rooftops and around landscaping. the power pole system removes the manual labor of pumping or cranking and replaces it with easy, powered access. unlike traditional scaffolding, with reechcraft’s power pole, you can always work at the ideal height!

Maximum Rated Load on Climbing Unit 650 lbs (1,300 lbs per pair)
Safety Devices Lock Pawl, Manual Crank, Integrated Overspeed Brake
Maximum Climbing Speed at 1/2 Rated Load 25 ft/min
Maximum Climbing Speed at Rated Load 15 ft/min
Maximum Lowering Speed 30 ft/min
Maximum Platform Height 72 ft
Maximum Work Height 78 ft
Platform Sizes   Up to 40 ft x 28 in.
Basket Size 26 in. x 36 in. x 42 in.
Maximum Midspan Tie Spacing 16 ft
Maximum Untied Work Height (Requires Outriggers) 24 ft
Maximum Height without Midspan Tie (with Outriggers) 32 ft (40 ft)


  • Easy and fast setup in minutes
  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Accommodates platforms up to 28 in. wide
  • Landscape-friendly design
  • Fits in doorways
  • No roof rigging
  • Increases efficiency


  • Tuckpointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Patching and repair
  • Siding and painting
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Wall Coatings
  • Cleaning
  • Caulking and glazing

These specifications are taken from the operators manual and are subject to change. Refer to the operators manual for detailed specifications, and information on proper usage and maintenance.