• Hot-dip galvanized structure to prevent rust and give long life.
  • Pin joints to ensure faster erection and dismantling.
  • Concrete counterweights for cost-effective logistic management.
  • Anti-swing device to avoid sway of the platform in windy conditions.
  • The modular platform ensures various combinations of lengths to reach the smallest area of the building.


Cage Size(L x W x H)

Max Height(m)

Wall Tie Interval(m)

Mast Mast (mm) Mast Finish Horizontal Rebat Attachment Capacity
1000Kgs(1ton) 1.8x1.2x1.2 100 6 Triangular 500x500x1508 Hot Dip Galvanized 530Kgs. of 12mtrs long rebar
1500Kgs.(1.5ton) 2.0x1.2x1.2 130 6 Square 500x500x1508 Hot Dip Galvanized 1000Kgs. of 12mtrs long rebar
2000Kgs.(2ton) 2.6x1.65x1.5 130 6 Square 650x650x1508 Painted 1000Kgs. of 12mtrs long rebar

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