Mtandt Group is focused on delivering enhanced safety and productivity when working at heights. We bring to you a range of high-performing self-propelled electric scissor lifts that allows you to access difficult to reach heights with ease and convenience. It is suitable equipment to match applications across varied industries to carry out inspection, maintenance and repair tasks. To know about the equipment and available sale/rental plan of the scissor lift, please reach out to us.
S280-25 E4WDS AC
Working height (A) 28.50 m
Platform height (B) 26.50 m
Platform size (C) 5.48m x 2.44m
Platform extension (D) 2.13m
Wheelbase 4.10m
Ground clearance 350-220mm
Max ground bearing pressure per wheel 155N/cm²
Capacity 750 kg
Driveable in full height
Drive speed in km/h 4.0/0.7
Outer turning radius 6.02m
Inner turning radius 3.05 m
Drive E-Hyd
Engine 80 V/540 Ah
Lifting time 90Sec
Lowering time 90Sec
Max. inclination
Gradeability Ca.30%
Weight 18000kg
External use
4WD -
4WS Option
Outrigger -
Stowed height (E) 3.20m
Length (F) 5.96m
Width (G) 2.50m

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