Mtandt Group is focused on delivering enhanced safety and productivity when working at heights. We bring to you a range of high-performing self-propelled diesel scissor lifts that allows you to access difficult to reach heights with ease and convenience.

S 320-12 E4WDS AC is equipped with self-levelling outriggers for increased efficiency at rough-terrain worksite. It is suitable equipment to match applications across varied industries to carry out inspection, maintenance and repair tasks.

To know about the equipment and available sale/rental plan of the scissor lift, please reach out to us.

S 320-12 E4WDS AC
Working height (A) 32.43m
Platform height (B) 30.43m
Platform size (C) 5.80m x 1.20m
Platform extension (D) 1.90m
Wheelbase 4.87m
Ground clearance 200mm
Max ground bearing pressure per wheel 159 N/cm²
Capacity 600kg
Driveable in full height
Drive speed in km/h (l/e)** 3.0/0.7
Outer turning radius 4.10m
Inner turning radius 1.18m
Drive E
Engine 80V/560Ah
Lifting time Ca. 146Sec
Lowering time Ca. 120Sec
Max. inclination 0°/ 1°
Gradeability Ca. 25%
Weight 21500kg
External use


Stowed height (E) 3.19m
Length (F) 6.42m
Width (G) 1.39m
    S 280-12 E4WDS AC

    Working Height 28m

    S 225-12 E4WDS AC

    Working Height 22.50m

    S 195-12 E4WDS AC

    Working Height 16.50m

    S 165-24 D4WDS SP

    Working Height 16.50m

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