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RTH (Rotative): Capacity  – 5T
TH: Capacity – 6T
HTH(Fixed ): Capacity – 10T to 45T
  • Telehandler is an equipment which is regarded as either High Reach or High Capacity forklift Equipment, which can be converted to Crane Equipment, Grabbing and clamping Equipment or Man Lift Equipment.
  • Rough Terrain Equipment – 4 Wheel Drive with 4 Wheel Steering.
  • Powerful Engine – Rugged Hydro Static Transmission.
  • Electronically Controlled Machines – For precision work in the safest mode.

Telehandler For Sale

The telehandlers are a standout among the most common machines in Mtandt’s product range. Mtandt offers telehandler for sale in India. It’s also called a telescopic handler; the telehandler consolidates parts of a forklift and a crane into a reduced machine that offers a full scope of favorable circumstances.

It comprises of a telescopic boom handle with compatible connection heads; a telehandler offers more reach and power contrasted with a forklift however appreciates relative mobility, giving it a remarkable harmony between power, reach, and convenience.

Advantages of a Telehandler

Fit for On-Road and Off-Road driving

A Telehandler highlights four-wheel drive usefulness, which means it’s conceivable to drive them on and goes mud romping. They’re equipped for proceeding onward the roughest territory possible while as yet being reasonable for streets, making them valuable for construction, agriculture, and numerous different enterprises.

High Load Capacity and Flexibility

A telehandler can lift a few tons worth of materials, making them far more grounded than comparative measured crane machinery, for example, a cherry picker or forklift. Even better, the adaptability of the telescopic boom enables overwhelming burdens to be lifted at extraordinary heights and lengths, dissimilar to most other machinery that has a constrained achieve while giving so much power.

Remarkable Loading Height and Reach

One of the principal fundamental points of a telescopic handler is the capacity to lift burdens to regularly inaccessible heights and lengths. As the boom handle on our scope of telehandlers to contract can reach up to 20 meters long, a telehandler can adequately transport materials to the distance that would make some way or another difficult to achieve using a single vehicle.


With a full scope of attachments available, a telescopic handler is a standout amongst the most flexible mobile crane machines accessible. From forklifts to buckets, there are a few attachments that can interface with the finish of the boom, giving a telehandler a wide range of employment that makes it amazingly supportive on worksites.


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