Altec – Truck Mounted Boom Lift – Insulated

Altec – Truck Mounted Boom Lift – Insulated

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Insulated aerial working platform:

• Aerial platform to work on electric power lines under voltage in compliance with the standard ANSI/SIA A 92.2 Category C – 46kV.
• The insulated basket, insulated boom and all the special components guarantee maximum safety for the operators.
• The telescopic boom and articulated terminal boom JIB to reach even the most uncomfortable positions.
• 360° continuous rotation of turret.
• 100% hydraulic controls with proportional system to allow gradual and accurate movements, and long-lasting life to the platform with maintenance costs reduced at minimum.
• No need of any device to limit lateral outreach (100% SAFE).

Altec – Truck Mounted Insulated Aerial Work Platform

Altec offers a complete line of aerial units for the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, construction, and lights and signs markets. Through innovation and customer solutions, our equipment provides you with exactly what you need to get your job done. Whether it’s on the line with an insulating or non-insulating aerial device, telescopic or telescopic articulating, and over center or non-over center, our specifications will meet your every need — or we will customize and build to make our equipment fit your application.

Aerial Devices are available in a multitude of configurations, with working heights up to 93.3 ft. Whatever your needs, Altec has the equipment you need to get the job done. For more information, select the model that fits your application or specifications.

Platform Height | Ranges: 19.8m to 38.1m (Non over center), 14.4m to 21.4m (Over center), 10.8m to 17.7m (Telescopic – articulating), 9.3m to 15.2m (Telescopic)

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