Non insulated truck mounted lifts

Non insulated truck mounted lifts are ideal for situations where you have several jobs in a day and need to quickly move from one location to another. Alternatively, if a machine needs to be removed from the site immediately after use, (like streetlight repair or highway work), or if an articulated boom lift or Telescopic Boom Lift isn't suitable, a truck mounted boom is a great alternative.
Where are we different from local manufactured TM Boom lift
  • High strength steel – Low payload.
  • 100% stability within working envelop (electronic control).
  • Reach (vertical+ horizontal) and High quality hydraulics.
  • Longer life.
  • Driver can operate.
  • Articulated boom
  • Rotating baskets.
  • Used when longer distance to be covered faster.
  • Applications: Street light maintenance, traffic camera maintenance and tree trimming, etc.
  • Range 23m – 36m.

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