Vertical Lifeline System

Vertical Lifeline System

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Vertical Lifeline System

Mtandt Fall Protection offers a vertical lifeline system. This system had used for mobility, safety, and productivity while working at height. The customers had an option to choose from a variety of ladder safety systems and other vertical lifeline systems that the company offers. Mtandt has a variety of vertical designs that will help the customers to work safely and productively. The designed systems include mobile or manual, portable or permanent and assisted or non-assisted categories.

The structure such as communication towers, wind turbines, water tanks, etc. that needs to be accessed often. Such structures had the permanent ladder safety system. This system has a corrosion resistant and durable mechanism. The devices help to move up and down to the heights with the help of ladder without any disconnection.

Types of Vertical Lifeline System

There are two categories available in vertical lifeline system: passive system and active system. The body that wears the equipment is called active equipment. The inactive instruments are not applied to the body. In the active category, workers should wear necessary protective clothing. On the other hand, Occupational Health Safety Administration has provided passive ladder safety system with the nod.

It has different types available with Mtandt. The selection of the type can be done as per the requirement.The company offers Fall Protection system with vertical lifeline system

Vertical Lifeline System Design

A vertical lifeline can be categorized as the permanent, temporary, and vertical rail.


  • A tensioned line which is permanently attached to port at the top end and attached at the lower end to allow tension to be applied to the line
  • A number of sets should be connected at intervals as per manufacturer suggestions


  • An excluded line that is temporarily attached at its upper extremity to an overhead anchoring point
  • Capable of being fixed with a tensioning weight or other calming means at the lower boundary

Vertical Rail

  • A rigid track that is permanently attached by a number of sets along its length to a fixed ladder or construction
  • Allows a sliding-type fall arrester to be attached and detached at least at the two boundaries of the rail length

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