Why Do You Need A Fall Protection System?

In almost every industry, there are areas where the workers are subjected to fall hazards. This includes high vertical distance, fragile roofs, deterioration of roof materials, unprotected edges, climbing top of trucks/tankers, unstable/poorly maintained access equipment such as ladders, weather and falling materials.

Accidents can be prevented by adopting safe methods of working at heights. In such circumstances,¬† TsaF’s lifeline systems are your next line of safety for fall protection and prevention. Installed lifeline systems arrest workers in the event of a fall (Active System) or restrain workers from reaching a fall hazard (Fall Restraint).

Employers must take due precautions to keep their people safe from all potential fall hazards, such as holes, skylights, and leading edges, then plan and select a suitable fall protection equipment/system for the proposed work.

Employers should provide a secured, and healthy work environment whilst the employees are responsible for performing their tasks as per the guided safety standards. Safe work practices result in enhanced Quality, Competency, Pride and Productivity, with lesser to none unintentional accidents and downtime.

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