May 15,2024

Mtandt’s Partnership with Dingli Revolutionizes India's Aerial Work Platform Market


The Indian infrastructure sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, with megacities and industrial complexes pushing the boundaries of construction. In this dynamic landscape, safe and reliable aerial equipment is paramount for worker safety and project efficiency. Mtandt, as the exclusive distributor of Dingli’s Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) in India and the SAARC region, is at the forefront of this transformation, bringing innovation and exceptional service to the industry.

A Global Innovator Meets Indian Demand

Dingli is a global leader, ranked among the top three AWP manufacturers worldwide. With a presence in over 80 countries, Dingli’s expertise is now elevating India’s infrastructure projects through Mtandt’s extensive distribution network. Dingli India’s comprehensive range of premium, safe, and efficient AWPs guarantees the highest return on investment for its customers, backed by over 300 patents showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Ensuring Safety and Versatility

Safety is the cornerstone of Dingli’s design philosophy. Their machines are equipped with advanced safety features, making them ideal for diverse tasks across construction, building maintenance, event production, logistics, mining, oil refineries, stadiums, indoor retail areas, and warehouses. This versatility is matched by Dingli’s impressive market presence in India, holding over 40% of the AWP market share with a fleet of over 850 operational machines boasting 95% uptime.

Driving Efficiency with Advanced Equipment

Dingli’s dedication to delivering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and generating impressive rental yields is evident in their product offerings. Their machines are renowned for their longevity and superior resale value. Notably, Dingli was the pioneer in offering a complete range of oil-free and all-electric scissor lifts and vertical masts, reflecting the global shift towards electric variants, which comprised 40% of the market in 2023.

Comprehensive Product Range

Dingli’s product lineup, ranging from 4 meters to 44 meters, includes:

Boom Lifts: Featuring patented designs and industry-exclusive chassis expandable features, these machines offer unmatched reach and mobility for construction, maintenance, and inspection tasks.

Scissor Lifts: Available in electric and engine variants, Dingli’s scissor lifts are known for their stability and weight-carrying capacities, making them ideal for warehouse management and facility maintenance.

Vertical Masts: These compact and efficient machines are perfect for tasks in tight spaces, such as stocking shelves and performing delicate repair jobs.

Order Pickers: Including push-around and self-propelled aerial stock pickers, these machines enhance order fulfillment efficiency and worker safety in indoor areas.

Mtandt’s exclusive partnership with Dingli is redefining the aerial work platform landscape in India and the SAARC region. With a focus on safety, innovation, and exceptional customer service, Dingli and Mtandt are ensuring that infrastructure projects can scale new heights efficiently and safely.

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