September 26,2023

Your Guide To Aluminium Scaffolding Systems!


What Are Scaffolding Systems? 

Scaffolding Systems is a temporary platform system erected alongside the buildings and infrastructures to facilitate construction, inspection, maintenance and repair. The system provides an additional layer of security for construction workers to access work at heights. The sense of safety in the minds of the working crew results in enhanced efficiency and productivity. Commonly Scaffolding systems are either made of steel or aluminium, but for those engaged in the construction industry, using AluminiumScaffolding is more beneficial. 

What are The Advantages of the Aluminium Scaffold System?

 1. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Is A Lightweight

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold weighs less than half of the steel scaffold, making it easier to transport the system from one place to another. Being light in weight also allows for easy assembling and dismantling, making it an ideal application across various industries.

 2. Less Labor Required For Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Erection 

The aluminium scaffolding's lighter weight ensures that the requirement of manpower is less. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for cranes and can be transported by smaller trucks. When the aluminium mobile scaffold is used instead of steel scaffolding, it only needs two people instead of four people to build and dismantle the structure.

3. Minimizes the Risk of Injuries and Accidents

Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding, is easy to erect and dismantle and transport, these benefits enable safe and efficient usage, thereby minimizing the risk of worksite accidents and injuries. The aluminium Scaffolding system is the choice of every worksite crew. 

4. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Can Be Erected More Quickly 

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold is easier to install than steel scaffolding. It is equipped with high-strength casters to make installation quick and easy. The structure design usually does not require any installation tools. Because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, construction workers can move from one job site to another with minimal downtime. 

5. Different Types of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold is Available 

Aluminium Scaffolding systems are engineered and customized as per worksite requirements, making it an ideal system for varied applications across diverse industries. Some of the commonly used Aluminium Scaffolding types are single-width, double-width, narrow and wide stairways, cantilevers, podiums and more. Highly Specialized Systems are also available for bridge, aviation and boiler scaffolding. 

6. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Lasts Longer

Aluminium Scaffolding is durable and anti-corrosive under harsh environmental conditions. The naturally formed oxide layer prevents exposure to air and oxygen, thereby preventing erosion and weakening of the structure. Steel scaffolding does not last the test of time and weather as they are prone to rust.

What are the Applications of Aluminium Scaffolding Systems?

 Aluminium Scaffolding is engineered and customized as per the site’s unique requirements and to match applications across various industries. It is widely used in Construction, Manufacturing, Aviation, Ports, Malls, IT buns, Warehouses and more. 

Aluminium Scaffolding Systems can also be suspended by attaching it to the structure, to enable movement beneath the structure, ideally, it is used for maintenance of flyovers, bridges, pipe racks and more. 

Why Choose Mtandt? 

With more than four decades of research and development, our quest to make Aluminium Scaffolding safer and better is a reality. We are the first company in India to achieve an 80-90% weld-less aluminium Scaffolding manufacturing process that results in Increased Strength by one and half times more than the regular welding process. 

With presence across the nation and globe, we can fulfil the needs of industries with sale and rental options. To know more about our Aluminium Scaffolding Systems and application for your industry reach out to us at Mtandt, email us at or call +91 9090 1010 65. 

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