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India Hosts 1st International Rope Access Symposium in Collaboration with IRATA International

2023-11-06 to 2023-11-06
On November 6, 2023, the inaugural International Rope Access Symposium took place in Jamshedpur, India. Co-organized by Evolution Access Technologies and Mtandt Group, in association with IRATA International's MECASA region, the event brought together esteemed guests and industry leaders, making it a paramount moment in the field of rope access and safety.

Prominent figures from IRATA International graced the event, including Mr. Johanthan Capper, Chairman of IRATA, Dr. Sheila Kondaveeti, CEO of IRATA, and Mr. Darren Williams, Chair of MECASA, IRATA. They shared their invaluable expertise and insights, setting the stage for a day of knowledge exchange.

Distinguished representatives from Tata Steel, including Mr. Probal Ghosh, Mr. S K Tiwari, Mr. V K Tripathi, and Mr. Neeraj Sinha, delivered keynote addresses, offering their experiences and knowledge in the field. A panel discussion featuring eminent members of both IRATA and Tata Steel was moderated by Mr. Sanjay Verma, the Managing Director of Evolution Access Technologies. This panel delved into essential topics, challenges, and innovations in the rope access industry.

A highlight of the symposium was the "Keynote on Safety Unleashed: The Potential of Technology in Height Safety" delivered by Mr. Rakesh Modi, Chairman of Mtandt Group. His address shed light on cutting-edge technologies driving safety improvements in height-related operations.

The symposium welcomed members of IRATA, industry professionals, and those with an interest in rope access and safety. Attendees gained a wealth of knowledge from distinguished keynote speakers, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking panel discussions, providing insights into the evolving world of rope access.

This groundbreaking event provided an exceptional opportunity for participants to network with experts, stay updated on industry trends, and discover the latest innovations in rope access technology and safety practices.
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