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The truck-mounted articulated knuckle boom crane is a powerful, versatile lifting equipment for heavy-duty industrial applications. It features a flexible boom divided into several sections, each of which can be articulated for greater flexibility and precision during lifting operations. The articulated boom crane is mounted on a truck for operations. 

The Fassi crane is operated by a hydraulic system that controls the movement of the boom and the lifting mechanism. It is designed to be mounted onto a truck or other vehicle, making it easy to transport and position for lifting tasks in different locations.

One of the key advantages of the Fassi crane is its ability to reach over and around obstacles, making it ideal for use on construction sites, logistics operations, and other challenging environments. In addition, the articulated design of the boom allows for precise control over the position and orientation of the load being lifted, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding structures or equipment.

In addition to its superior lifting capabilities, the knuckle boom crane also features a range of safety features, including overload protection, emergency stop controls, and automatic stability control to ensure safe and efficient operation. As a result, the Fassi articulated knuckle boom crane is a reliable and versatile tool for heavy-duty lifting applications.

The truck-mounted articulated boom crane is available for rent and sale.

Model No F65B
Working Height 0
Power Type Diesel
Platform Height (m) 5.40
Year of manufacturing
Machine Weight (kg) 715
Platform Capacity (kg) 1170
SWL (Kg) 1170
Max Lifting Height (m) 5
  • Cast Iron Base
  • Radio Remote Controls 
  • Booms Guide
  • Plastic Tank 
  • Version -C
  • Active Version (.0): Without Linkage
  • Rotation 400° with Rack and Pinion
  • Fassi Electronic Control 
  • Fassi Stability Control 
  • Manual Outriggers Lock 
  • Crane Position Monitoring 
  • Multi-Power Extension System 
  • Ultra-High Strength Steel 
  • Fewer Welded Design 
  • S800 Multifunction Distributor Bank
  • D8850 Digital Multifunction Distributor Bank
  • D900 Digital Multifunction Distributor Bank
  • S900 Multifunction Distributor Bank
  • Manual Extension 
  • Grab Automatic Shake 
  • Radio Remote Control 
  • Oil Temperature Control 
  • Service - Internet of Crane

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1    Outdoor
2    Maintenance
3    Logistics
4    Stocking
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