Self-Propelled Order Picker Sprint LP

The Bravi Sprint LP is an innovative order picker designed to facilitate the handling of large and extra-large parcels and doors. It enables safe, easy and quick handling of tasks, from order picking to inventory management and replenishment. 

One of the key features of the Bravi Sprint LP is its compact size. It is a narrow, lightweight machine that can easily manoeuvre in tight spaces. Despite its small size, the Bravi Sprint LP has a high load capacity, with a working height of 5.35m and a maximum weight capacity of up to 130 kg. The innovative load deck for large parcels can load up to 60 kg. 

The Bravi Sprint LP control panel is equipped with a large LCD showing vehicle status, system operating time, and battery status via a charge indicator. High-Cycle batteries allow for a significant number of raise/lower cycles or 28 km travel.

Other features of the Bravi Sprint LP include a digital display that provides real-time information on the machine's status and a variety of safety features, such as a brake system, emergency stop button, and automatic speed reduction when turning.

Overall, the Bravi Sprint LP is a reliable and efficient order picker well-suited for use in various warehouse and distribution centre settings. Its compact size, high load capacity, and ergonomic design make it an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their order-picking operations.

Model No Sprint LP
Working Height 5.35
Power Type Electric
Platform Height (m) 3.35
Year of manufacturing
Machine Weight (kg) 714
Platform Capacity (kg) 130
SWL (Kg) 130
Max. no of person 1
Power source (k.w.) Battery
Max Lifting Height (m) 3
Max Working Height (m) 5.35
Max Platform Height (m) 3.35
Ground Clearance (m) 2
  • Electric Power Steering 
  • Adjustable Operator Console 
  • AC Drive Motor 
  • Regenerative Braking System 
  • Side Gates 
  • Proximity Sensors 
  • LED Lighting 
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Status Indicator 
  • High-Cycle Batteries 
  • Foldable Load Tray
  • Innovative Load Deck



No.   Name
1    Indoor
2    Logistics
3    Stocking
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