Podium Platform

A podium scaffold is a temporary elevated work platform commonly used in construction, maintenance, and other industrial applications. Podium scaffolding is designed to be freestanding, which means it can be erected without being attached to a building or other structure. This makes it a versatile and flexible option for a wide range of applications, including painting, plastering, electrical work, and other tasks requiring elevated workers.

Podium scaffolding typically has a smaller footprint than other scaffolding, making it a more space-efficient option for use in confined or indoor areas. It is also easier and faster to assemble and disassemble. 

In addition, podium scaffolding is designed with safety in mind. It typically includes guardrails, toeboards, and non-slip surfaces to prevent falls and accidents. The podium scaffold is equipped with wheels or casters, making moving the scaffold from one location to another easier. Overall, podium scaffolding is a safe and efficient option for workers who need to work at elevated heights for extended periods.

Model No MPP315
Working Height 4.15
Power Type
Platform Height (m) 2.15
Year of manufacturing
Max. no of person 1
Max Lifting Height (m) 0
  • Step Platform: With Handrail
  • Step Distance: 300mm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy 6063
  • Platform: Anti-Slip Marine Grade 12mm Birch Plywood


No.   Name
1    Signage
2    Painting
3    Indoor
4    Inspection
5    Maintenance
6    Repair
7    Tuck Pointing
8    Masonry
9    Insulation
10    HVAC
11    Logistics
12    Stocking
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