Push Around Power Mast - Electric

Mtandt brings a PowerMast mast climber that allows efficient, fast and safe access to the exterior of a building up to 200 ft to carry out inspection, maintenance and repair tasks. In addition, the mast climbers provide a safe, reliable and stable platform to work on for the working personnel enhancing productivity at the elevated work site. 

It is an ideal working aerial platform to carry out tasks such as tuckpointing, waterproofing, masonry restoration, cleaning/replacing glass facades and more. 

Erected from the ground up, you can assemble the twin mast in 15 minutes. It features a quick and tool-free connection of the stacking masts ensuring safety and efficiency. In addition, the vertical system can fit onto a single pallet when disassembled, making it easy to transport the equipment in the back of a truck or van. Custom mast climbers are available for tight spaces. 

The compact design, quick ascent ability of 20-40 FPM, wider access range and scale and higher weight loading capacity makes it a preferred choice when working at heights on the exterior of buildings and infrastructures. 

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Model No PowerMast
Working Height 60.96
Power Type Electric
Platform Height (m) 60.96
Year of manufacturing
Platform Capacity (kg) 680
Max. no of person 1
Power source (k.w.) Battery
Max Lifting Height (m) 0
  • Tools-Free Mast Climber 
  • Climbing Unit
  • Gearbox
  • Platform and Basket 
  • Platform Support 
  • Adjustable Tie
  • Base Foot
  • Side Mount T-Bracket
  • Single Mount Platform Assembly
  • 5 Feet Mast
  • 32 Inch Mast
  • Tie Extension 
  • Freestanding Tri-Mast Tie
  • Freestanding Base
  • Single Person Platform
  • Lock Lever
  • Overload Clutch
  • Overspeed Safety Device
  • Wall-Tied System
  • Free-Standing System
No.   Name
1    Indoor
2    Outdoor
3    Inspection
4    Maintenance
5    Repair

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