Push Around Single Mast Lift - Electric

Mtandt Group brings you a push-around single mast lift to access difficult-to-reach areas safely and conveniently. It increases productivity at the site.

The electric mast lift has a light structure and is easy to operate, navigate, and transport. It is ideal for environments with narrow and confined spaces, such as commercial complexes, malls, theatres, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, airports etc. It can be used across various industries to match applications when working at heights.

A working height of 12.50m and pure electric drive make it environment-friendly equipment as it emits no noise and pollution. The outrigger levelling system with a limit switch makes the equipment extra safe and stable.

In addition, it is equipped with a self-locking gate, an emergency descent system, a motion alarm, tie-down and lifting points, an emergency stop button and many more features for safety and efficiency.  

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Model No GTWY12.5-1300
Working Height 12.50
Power Type Electric
Platform Height (m) 10.50
Year of manufacturing
Platform Size (LxW) 0.7x0.60
Machine Weight (kg) 553
Platform Capacity (kg) 150
Overall height (Rails down) (m) 2.35
Ground clearance (m) 0.055
SWL (Kg) 150
Lift/lower time (sec) 40/26
Max. no of person 1
Power source (k.w.) Battery
Charger (a) 12V/15A
Max Lifting Height (m) 0
  • Tilt Back Frame
  • Swing Outriggers With Interlock
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Emergency Lowering System
  • Easy Loading In Pickup Trucks
  • Two Controllers Operation
  • Levelling Sensor
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Transport Tie Hole
  • Deadman Switch
  • All Motion Alarm
  • Cylinder Holding Valve
  • Flashing Beacon
  • Onboard Diagnostic System
  • AC Power to Platform
  • Overload Sensor With Alarm

No.   Name
1    Painting
2    Indoor
3    Inspection
4    Maintenance
5    Repair

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