Push Around Single Mast Lift - Electric

Tackle tight, narrow and confined spaces with a powered personal portable vertical lift that enables you to access heights for indoor and outdoor facility management. 

The compact and lightweight build of the power lift enables easy transportation and movement of the equipment within the premises by a single worker for higher productivity at the worksite. 

The sleek and compact design makes it suitable for tight and narrow spaces. Therefore, it is an ideal elevated platform for commercial, residential and institutional applications such as malls, schools, health clubs, offices, auditoriums, etc. 

Customize the working height of the vertical lift with a stacking mast section that can be added, removed and stowed in seconds to suit the requirements. 

The push-around vertical lift can be equipped with a straddle base to work over obstacles such as theatre seats or church pews. The outrigger base with adjustable pads enables stability in unstable ground conditions. The fixed base allows for a small footprint in tight spaces where typical lifts can not be set up. 

It complies with ANSI and OSHA safety standards and regulations. 

Model No Power Lift PL65
Working Height 7.64
Power Type Electric
Platform Height (m) 5.64
Year of manufacturing
Platform Size (LxW) 0.66x0.7
Machine Weight (kg) 100
Platform Capacity (kg) 159
SWL (Kg) 159
Max. no of person 1
Power source (k.w.) Battery
Max Lifting Height (m) 0
  • Stowable Mast Sections
  • Gear Box 
  • Dual-Access Platform 
  • Coupler System
  • Transport Tires
  • Outrigger Pads
  • Caster Wheels 


No.   Name
1    Inspection
2    Maintenance
3    Repair

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